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How the Election Year Will Impact Your Trucking Company

From policies to regulations, the trucking business has always been influenced by politics. Whoever is elected this November, there is no question that the trucking industry will feel the heat. The good news is that, either way, it will take a while for the changes to take effect. In a recent issue of Fleet Owner, [...]

Buying Your Competitor vs. Waiting Him Out

When it comes to buying out a struggling competitor, many transportation business owners have the right idea but the wrong approach. Owners often plan to wait out a bleeding business with the intention of taking it away from their competitor piece by piece. While this may seem like the financially prudent path, here’s why it [...]

The Tenney Group’s Ideal Seller

At any given time, hundreds of Houston area business sellers are waiting for the right investor. As transportation business brokers, it’s The Tenney Group’s responsibility to connect these businesses with their best possible buyers. But our sellers have some responsibilities as well. If you aren’t serious about putting your trucking or limo service for sale, [...]

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“Owners of transportation businesses in the Houston area can improve their business sale outcomes by 25 - 50% when planning an exit strategy with The Tenney Group.”

- Charles Tenney

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